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Owns and operates Spa Chi.  Catherine began training in Taiwan when she was sixteen years old.  With 40 years of experience, Catherine has taught both skincare and nail care in Taiwan.  She is an expert in analyzing your skin's needs and creating a special treatment just for you.  Catherine personally trains her staff in the care of her clients and Spa Chi's philosophy of unblocking and energizing the flow of chi for maximum health and beauty.  


Catherine does not accept Groupons, Living Social, or other daily deal coupons. 

Thank you!

Catherine with Spa Chi

Nail Staff



came here from Vietnam in 2008 and was excited about all the new opportunities that became available. Her friendly and outgoing nature will make your experience delightful. 

Trinh with Spa Chi

Zentuary Massage

Jenni Lee (J.Lee)


Jenni graduated from Florida School of Massage in 2011. She has a thriving interest in helping people reach their health and healing goals. Using a holistic approach to her work, she fully attends each client's needs by interweaving clear presence with practiced skills. Whether you desire an instant result of relaxation and tension reduction or are working on a long-term injury and trauma, she is able to meet you where you are on your journey. Her experienced techniques include deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage along with a blend of different modalities and techniques. Go to to book online.

Jenni with Zentuary Massage

The Skyn Gallery

Has been thoughtfully designed with a holistic approach that places YOU at the center of our healing philosophy. We firmly believe in the uniqueness of every individual, and our mission is to create a sanctuary where your well-being is celebrated. When you enter our warm and inviting haven, you'll immediately sense the comforting embrace of a nurturing, skilled, and profoundly serene environment. Check out our service online at

Salon by Lena

The passionate hairstylist with a decade of experience and a love for her craft. As the proud owner of her salon, Lena brings her expertise to Issaquah, where her charming cyan blue-themed space sets the stage for unforgettable transformations. Specializing in chic cuts and vibrant colors, Lena and her talented team are here to make you look and feel your best. Book your appointment at
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