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Spa Chi

At Spa Chi, we believe that beauty is more than just skin deep.  Our expert staff provides treatments that rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit through expert Skin Care, Manicures, Pedicures, and other Special Therapies such as Gua Sha.  We're sensitive to the needs of each of our customers and take pride in providing each person with a unique regimen of beauty and wellness designed for maximum beauty and healing. 


Whether it's for a Revitalizing Facial, Brow Wax, Pedicure, or Manicure, Spa Chi offers the pampering you crave. Special services like Gua Sha, an ancient healing technique, and Diet-Detox regimens are offered. Book your appointment online or call 425-278-1288.  Either way, you'll leave feeling fabulous.  At Spa Chi, you will enter a gateway to tranquility and into a sanctuary of beauty and relaxation.  Spa Chi offers exquisite Facials, Shellac Manicures, customized Pedicures, and more in a peaceful setting.

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